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Indoor Siren io is a siren that complements Somfy TaHoma Smart Home system

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General information

Indoor Siren io is a siren that complements Somfy TaHoma Smart Home system and can be used with Somfy sensors and detectors. When unwanted situations happen, the siren can be activated and a loud sound at 95 dB sounds.

Scare away burglars
When a sensor detects something in the property, such as motion or fire, the siren is activated and scare potential burglars and warns those who live in the house.

Installing the wireless siren
Insert the supplied batteries. Add the siren to your TaHoma system by using “configuration” and “io-products” and “device” in the interface. Attach the siren with the mounting plate on the back.

Indoor Siren io can be used via the TaHoma with smoke detectors, magnetic contacts (door and window contacts), motion detectors, water leakage sensors or panic button (SOS) on the TaHoma remote, all from Somfy.

Automatic test
Indoor Siren io regularly tests the batteries, to be sure the device is always connected with TaHoma. You can see the current battery status in TaHoma.

Easy to maintain
Indoor siren io powered by 4 AA batteries and is normally working for approximately 2 years.

Secure connection
Indoor siren io communicates with the Somfy unique two-way protocol “io-home control,” which has a secure connection using 128-bit encryption, and a radio range of 20 meters indoors by two concrete walls or 200 meters in open field.

Product benefits

• Easy to install
• Discreet and can be placed anywhere in your home
• Powerful siren of 95 dB sound level
• Activated when one or more Somfy sensors detect actions
• Discourage burglars via high tone
• Can be used in conjunction with Somfy smoke detector
• Wireless
• Can be placed permanently or is completely portable
• Battery life – about 2 years.
• For use with Somfy TaHoma Smart Home system.
• 2-year warranty


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