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General information

– Control all compatible devices. Individually or in groups.
– Provide a realtime display of the status of equipment: open or closed, on or off.
– With the camera, you can monitor your home remotely.

  • My scenarios
    – Create scenarios to manage several home devices simultaneously (for instance, the “going out” scenario, which closes all blinds and roof windows, and switches off all the lights).
    – Activate your scenarios manually.
  • My week
    – Create a day, with scenarios which start to run at the selected time (up to 20 days possible).
    – Program a week with different days (e.g.: “work” day and “weekend” day).
  • My sensors
    – Combine scenarios with sensors: sunlight, temperature, opening, smoke or presence.
    – Program sending an e-mail, if the sensors detect an incident.

Product benefits

The TaHoma® Box radically simplifies control in the house
– Easily control your home whether you’re home or away with the TaHoma® interface.
– You customize your smart home, at any time, so you stay in control.

Somfy wireless smart home system, TaHoma compatible with any configuration: newbuild or renovation.
– It is easy to install without major structural work, whatever your project.

Somfy smart home system, TaHoma, adapts as your needs and your budget change.
– You can add new devices to your installation whenever you want.


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