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• Nurse authors, reviewers, and editors must be able to identify predatory … Predatory publishing, sometimes called write-only publishing or deceptive publishing, is an exploitive academic publishing business model that involves charging publication fees to authors without checking articles for quality and legitimacy and without providing the other editorial and publishing services that legitimate academic journals provide, whether open access or not. In addition, we searched our original list of 140 predatory nursing journals to determine if each of the journals was still available. Design: Using two sources that list predatory journals, the research team created a list of nursing journals. Most of these journals were new and often published only one or two volumes. In Phase 2, the four predatory journal articles that were cited most frequently were analyzed further to examine their citation patterns. The first list contained low quality and questionable publishers followed by the list of possible or probable predatory standalone journals, the third list was the set of the hijacked journals [6]. Google Scholar Benckendorff, P, Zehrer, A ( 2013 ) A network analysis of tourism research . Although they can't guarantee that no publisher or journal on their lists is predatory, they attempt to include only high quality journals and publishers. In the years since, such publications have steadily increased, in part because of the growth in open-access journals. Here we include journals that were not originally on the Beall’s list, but may be predatory. News feature from Nature. This site is regularly undated. Methods: In Phase 1, 204 articles published in legitimate nursing journals that cited a predatory publication were randomly selected for analysis from a list of 814 articles with predatory journal citations. By Sarah Elaine Eaton, University of Calgary, 2018. ‘Beall’s List’ was run by one librarian – Jeffrey Beall, until January 2017 when it was sshut down. The term “predatory journals” was coined less than a decade ago by then-University of Colorado librarian Jeffrey Beall, who has worked extensively to track suspicious journals. The latter means those deceptive journals with tricky names that mislead the authors making them confuse with the original genuine journals. Example e-mail from a predatory journal. Check. Bealls list was a “blacklist” of journals to be avoided. The nearest we have to an alternative is the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) which provides a “green tick” to those journals—such as Nursing Open—which have met some minimal criteria. Only Open Access Journals Only SciELO Journals Only WoS Journals International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. In addition, predatory journals are often short lived, with new predatory journals appearing on a regular basis, therefore, making it impossible for any list to be comprehensive. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Ninety-three potential predatory journals, 99 open access journals, and 100 subscription-based journals were included in the analysis. Whitelists. They may publish their research, teaching practices, consulting work, leadership lessons, theory development – whatever topic is applicable to their areas of scholarship. Beall's List of Predatory Journals and Publishers (2018) Available at: (accessed 4 March 2018). An example of a typical email received from a potential predatory publisher from Christian Bokhove's blog. He was crestfallen when I told him that no nursing journal on the Clarivate list had an impact factor exceeding 4. Anthony, Maureen PhD, RN; Article Content In August of 2014, I attended the annual International Academy of Nurse Editors (INANE) meeting in Portland, Maine. 1.5K likes. The INANE community, representing editors of credible and reputable nursing journals, believes that it is imperative to inform nurses of the harm inherent in this new hazard that has arrived in the publishing scene. He started Scholarly Open Access (, where he offers criteria for determining whether a publisher or journal is legitimate or predatory and maintains a list of predatory publishers and journals. The kernel for this list was extracted from the archive of Beall’s List at Check to see if … Lists of suspected predatory journals and publishers are also available, although different criteria for inclusion are used . In Phase One, the team collected data on characteristics of predatory nursing journals such as types of articles published, article processing charge, and peer review process. Add to Bookmarks; View PDF; Request Permission; Print Article; Source: Home Healthcare Now. While some lists of predatory journals exist, such as subscription-based Cabell’s Black List (Cabell’s Scholarly Analytics, 2017), few may have access to these lists. If a journal isn't predatory, the publisher should be a member of the OASPA. The term “Predatory Journals” (PJ) first appeared in PubMed in 2012, from a note published in the Nature journal by Professor Jeffrey Beall [1]. As things change with publishers over time, the archived list will become outdated if not maintained. A source identified only as a postdoctoral researcher at a European university has revived Beall's list of predatory journals in an online, archived version. Journal of Nursing Education | Background:All nurses, not just nurse authors, must be aware of the problems and concerns of predatory publishing practices. Predatory Publishing, deutsch etwa „räuberisches Veröffentlichen“, ist ein betrügerisches Geschäftsmodell bestimmter Open-Access-Verlage.Die manchmal als „Raubverlage“ bezeichneten Unternehmen geben vor, vollwertige wissenschaftliche Fachzeitschriften herauszugeben, und verlangen von den Autoren die im Open-Access-Segment üblichen Publikationsgebühren (engl. Oermann et al. In Phase One, the team collected data on characteristics of predatory nursing journals such as types of articles published, article processing charge, and peer review process. Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) Check the list of OASPA members to see if the publisher is listed. But his problems did not stop there. They need not be concerned with keeping up to date with the predatory publishers and creating “black” lists of journals and should exhort or oblige their academic staff to publish exclusively in those journals on their approved lists (Watson, 2017b). He had parted with several hundred US dollars for the privilege of being published in a predatory journal. Kscien is an organization established to promote research culture in the developing countries and stand against predatory publishing. This is a list of publishers that may be engaging in predatory … Kscien's List of Predatory Journals and Publishers. Last Updated 2019/02/03. To assure that you are not referencing articles from predatory journals, go to Stop Predatory Journals: List of Predatory Journals (n.d.). Various groups have developed checklists to help prospective authors and/or editors identify potential predatory journals; these are different from efforts, such as “Think. Investigating journals: The dark side of publishing . Welcome to the Directory of Nursing Journals, a joint service of Nurse Author & Editor and INANE. It will be updated as new information or suggested edits are submitted or found by the maintainers of this site. We need to do all that we can to prevent “evidence” from predatory journals from reaching the beside. This is a list of possibly predatory publishers. There are estimated to be over 35,000 legitimate journals in the world today, and perhaps as many as 10,000 so called €˜predatory’ or junk journals, so the task of assessing and keeping up-to-date with all these journals is not a simple task. We used the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for each journal to access its website. For years, Professor Beall maintained and updated online list of potential, pos - sible, or probable predatory publishers and journals, and he had proposed several criteria for their identification, • There were 814 citations to articles published in predatory nursing journals. Stop Predatory Journals. The process of journal identification, inclusion, and exclusions within each study group is outlined in Fig. Using two sources that list predatory journals, the research team created a list of nursing journals. VIEW THE NURSING JOURNALS DIRECTORY. 7 Imagine the implications of making clinical practice recommendations that are based on low-quality or inaccurate data. Predatory Journals Share This. February 2015, Volume :33 Number 2 , page 65 - 66 [Free] Authors . Citations of predatory articles transfer the information into scientific literature. The Directory is a joint service of INANE and Nurse Author & Editor, which is Edited by Leslie Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN.. To use the Directory, click on the link to the Nursing Journals Directory wherever you find it. Beall's list was a “blacklist” of journals to be avoided. This source has stated that those involved with the project probably don't have time to maintain the list. One nursing practice journal was reported to have as many as 77 citations of articles from predatory journals. Last August, Beall presented his work at the annual meeting of the International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE). The nearest we have to an alternative is the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) which provides a “green tick” to those journals—such as Nursing Open—which have met some minimal criteria. • Predatory journal articles were cited in all types of nonpredatory nursing journals. DESIGN: Using two sources that list predatory journals, the research team created a list of nursing journals. Western Journal of Nursing Research; Workplace Health & Safety; See also. Why Predatory Journals are Bad for Nurse Authors and Nursing Scholarship If you are a student reading this post, you may not know that academic faculty are expected to publish. Submit.” to identify legitimate journals. We encourage nursing authors to use Beall’s list of predatory publishers at Scholarly Open Access as a reliable resource. identified 140 predatory nursing journals available from 75 publishers. Peer reviewed journals undergo a strict editing process before an article is published. Broken or poor English is also a red flag. List of medical journals This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 17:09 (UTC). It is now maintained anonymously (at Predatory journals only supposedly or very superficially conduct peer review and accept manuscripts within days to skim off publication fees. Predatory journals have emerged as an unintended consequence of the Open Access paradigm. Avoiding Predatory Journals and Questionable Conferences: A Resource Guide.

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